Formever® is a simple but powerful software that allows business people to create their own ERP system. It's so simple and straightforward you can create a system totally customized for your business in a few days.

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Simple. Just download the app and start creating your own system. When you are ready for multi user you can sign up for the Formever® Cloud Service, or set it up on your in-house network.

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Formever® can run your system in the cloud. No worries about losing data. Run your business from anywhere. Have your accountant log in and work on your system. Supports any number of users.

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Set up a general ledger , get an introduction to the basic principles, or jump right in with an overview

Welcome to Formever®

Formever is different.

Formever is the freedom and simplicity of a blank sheet of paper with the speed and memory of a computer.

Formever is a business system builder; it allows you to create your own system to handle all of the information within your organization, such as accounting, inventory, work flow, time billing, HR, customer information, or anything else you need to organize and manage. With all of this information pulled together into one, seamless system you can operate your business more efficiently.

Formever incorporates a true double entry accounting system, and it allows you to set up accounts payable and accounts receivable in the way that matches how your company works. It also supports multiple currency systems, and supports a wide range of international business units, allowing you to seamlessly convert from one to another. And because you build your own business logic, you can easily set it up to handle VAT, special trade rules, or whatever else pertains in your particular region.

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Formever is a tool that allows you to build your forms and reports from scratch, without the need for computer programming skills. Think about the spreadsheet program you use every day. You use that program to make your spreadsheets exactly as you need them, with the formatting and formulas you require. You never have to touch the program code or bring any outside consultant to customize the code for you. That’s how simple it should be to build your own business system. That's what Formever can do for you.

Formever is the solution for you, whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, a commercial enterprise or a non-profit, a manufacturing company or a time-billing company, or any other kind of organization. It's also the solution for you whether you're working on Windows, or Linux (and soon Mac). Instead of a pre-packaged, off-the-shelf business solution that you hope can be tweaked and reprogrammed to come close enough to what you need, Formever gives you the power to build your own system exactly the way you already do business. It’s as intuitive as creating your own paper forms, with all the power and flexibility of a sophisticated software solution. With a team of key people from your organization you can get a system up and running in days, not years . There's no need to bring in a bunch of high-priced outsiders to design it for you.

Formever gives you the power, and puts you firmly in control of your own business.

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You Are In Control

Whatever your business, you can use plain business logic to model your system in a way that makes sense to you.


Reasonable Costs

Keep your Upfront costs and your Ongoing costs very low.


Peace of Mind

Take the worry out of maintaining your system with future compatibility and optional cloud-based services.


See Results Now

Implementation is quick - think days, not years! You can dip your toe before you dive in. Try it, Test it, Tweak it! You set the pace.