Using our open source software we can build you a system that handles that activity you can't find software for.

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Filling Your Need

Formever is the tool to give you that special business function you need. Instead of having pre-built modules, Formever has the flexibility to build functions – the ones you need, the way you need them. Formever is like an enterprise-software design engine, so every company can have its own “mod” with its own “skin”. You can build a stand-alone function, or combine multiple functions. These can complement your existing systems, or perhaps they become your new system. Whatever works best for you.

Formever has accounting tools as part of its core, so you can build a fully integrated ERP system, but if you’re happy with your accounting system as is, and just need an order-to-cash function, a CRM function, an HR function, or some other function built to your specification, Formever is the tool for you Contact us.

We believe that you should have exactly the system you need and nothing more. We believe it should be in your terminology not ours, using the names for forms, definitions and other items that are used in your organization. We also believe that your system should project a visual look that you choose - your logos, your brand colors, especially for reports that go to clients. Contact us.