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What is Formever?

Formever is an open-source, no-code, design environment. 
The Formever Design Environment (FDE) is point-and-click, drag-and-drop, and it allows you to build a business system tailored to any company’s needs, quickly, easily, and affordably.

Formever is for:


  • Primarily between 5 and 500 employees in size
  • Who have a particular way of doing something, and/or
  • Who need business information reported in a particular way, and/or
  • Who have a blend of business models
    (for example, billing for time, but also having a small bit of rental income), and/or
  • Who have a large data set that needs to be processed quickly 
    (for example, a million clients who need to be invoiced based on the last 12 monthly transactions), and/or
  • Who can’t find any software out there that matches their need, and/or
  • Who want to be able to add to their software in the future
    (for example, adding a function, or adding departments, or adding a line of business)
  • Who are tired of being told by their software what they can do, instead of telling their software what it should do

Designer / Developers

  • Who are tech-savvy, and have business-expertise, but don’t want to spend their time mucking around in code, and/or
  • Who want to deliver solutions to their clients faster, and/or
  • Who want to deliver more value to their clients, and/or
  • Who want to create systems more specifically tailored to their clients needs, and/or
  • Who want to improve their own margin / bottom line, and/or
  • Who want to deliver solutions for international clients, and/or
  • Who want to create easy to understand business logic that is easy to support, and/or
  • Who want to create their own cloud-based SaaS offering

What Makes Formever Special?

  • No Code Programming
  • Full Control Over the Interface
  • Full Control Over Business Logic
  • Full Control Over Reporting
  • A New Database Technology
     (ContextualDB, a type of graph database)
  • Built-in Backwards Compatibility
  • Multi-Language Functions
  • Multi-Currency Functions
  • Localization Functions
  • Custom Accounting Functions
  • Inherent Extensibility
  • Options to Integrate With Mobile and Progressive Web Apps

Why A New Approach To Business Software is Needed

Our CTO, Dr. Lance Gutteridge, wrote this book about the many problems with software development.  It’s because of the difficulties pointed out in this book that he started the software project that became the Formever Design Environment.  Knowing how difficult and wasteful the process tended to be, Dr. Gutteridge wanted to make it possible for people to have the sort of software they really wanted and needed, rather than the disappointments that often get foisted on them. 
Aimed at the non-technical business user, this book helps explain why making software is harder than it seems at the outset, and why software projects often disappoint.  We tend to use mental models based on the physical world, when the software world is a very different place altogether.  This book helps explain the difference.

Formever Services

Formever Design

Allow us to custom design your system.  We’ll work with you to understand your particular needs and create data entry forms and custom reports that work for your office.
Guaranteed, flat-rate pricing available.  Fees based on complexity of the system.  Contact us for an estimate.

Formever Cloud

Allow us to host and manage your cloud-based solution, headache-free:
     – Remote access (perfect for Work From Home operations)
     – Strong encryption for safety
     – Ongoing back-up of all data and system info
     – Automatic software updates
Monthly pricing available.  Fees based on size of database and volume of data.  Contact us for an estimate.

Formever Enterprise

Enterprise level solutions are available for larger organizations with more specialized needs.  Contact us to discuss options and pricing.

Formever Training

Whether you are a designer/developer who would like to build your own business using the Formever tool, or a company looking to develop in-house capability, we are happy to offer training and certification to help you on your way.  Check here for more details.


Putting you in control of the computers,
to put you in control of your business.