Empower Your Software Design Business

with Formever’s Open-Source Software Tool

Elevating Possibilities

Are you a software designer looking to take your business to the next level?
Imagine having the power to create customized systems for your clients while also building a profitable SaaS business of your own.
With Formever’s open-source software tool, this dream can become a reality.

Key Benefits of Using Formever’s Open-Source Tool


Customize every aspect of your projects to meet client specifications.


Handle clients of any size. Match systems to each client’s need, reducing waste and complexity.


Save time and resources with an efficient development process. With a quick build you maintain your margin, while maintaining customer satisfaction at the same time. With clear, understandable logic, and a well-built system, you reduce customer service costs dramatically.
And all with no licensing fees.


Create tailored systems that wow your clients using a cutting edge with a revolutionary new database technology.


Build quickly. Make revisions fast enough to beat your client’s expectations. Increase the number of projects in your workflow, and avoid the end-of-project “death march”


Do your client’s work in another language? Do your developers? No problem. You can set Formever for multiple languages.
Working with a different tax code or regulatory environment? No problem. With Formever you set the business rules and processes to match local conditions for your clients.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Discover what sets the Formever system-building tool apart and makes it the ideal choice for turbo-charging your software design business, and increasing your margin.


Innovation = Margin

Our new, innovative approach makes new things possible.
We use a new database technology (a type of graph database we call, “contextual”) that is business-focused, and allows you to easily find connections in the data that make sense.
You can build flexible, focused, and fine-tuned systems that are in line with your customers needs, ensuring the highest value.


Speed = Margin

Always be ready for your next client meeting with the latest revisions. Increase customer satisfaction by showing them new drafts early and often. Showing value for time spent means no need to discount your time. Delivering on time means you can avoid the end-of-project “death march”.
Completing projects quickly means you can increase your throughput.


Comprehensibility = Margin

The point-and-click, no-code tool makes the systems you build understandable and easy to manage. No more “black boxes”. You can trace back results to the original numbers.
Easy to understand and maintain means less customer service time spent chasing down bugs, and more time delivering on new, billable features.

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