A custom Ordering System Puts Smiles on Children’s Faces

The Challenge:

VICF needed a business system that could cater to their specific needs.
They were using Word and Excel to track orders and invoice clients, which was inefficient and time-consuming.
Keeping all data in sync required a senior manager to spend 3 hours daily manually going through the spreadsheets.

They needed a new system that would consolidate all their data, keep it consistent, and issue invoice in the manner their clients expected.
It also needed to present the data in multiple different views for use by different departments.
They needed something custom, but as a non-profit they couldn’t hope to get a fully developed system unless they got a significant grant to cover costs.

That’s where Formever came in

The Solution:

A Custom System to Meet the Need

Meeting the Need

Formever worked with VICF to understand their requirements and designed a custom invoicing system at an affordable price.

The new system tracked orders, invoices, and payments efficiently.

The Benefits of a Lean, Tailored System

Data centralized in one place allowed for customized reports for different departments.

Front-of-House Managers could access relevant information easily.

Audience manager could delegate data entry tasks without the need for manual syncing of spreadsheets.


A System That Grew and Changed With the Festival

Changing Needs

Formever continued to evolve the system as per VICF’s changing needs, such as refunds, credits, and new reporting requirements for virtual performances.

Online Integration

Formever worked with VICF’s website designers to automate online orders into the system seamlessly.

Ongoing Support

The Children’s Festival has the comfort of being able to reach out to Formever and get support at any point, so they don’t have to worry about any roadblocks.

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