Cloud Security Statement

Formever Cloud Service Security Statement

Formever® is vitally concerned with the safety of your data. All data transmitted between the Formever application on your computer and the Formever Cloud Service is encrypted. Your database is stored discretely, and is not co-mingled with anyone else’s database, and all data stored on the Formever Cloud Service is encrypted. Formever uses a unique and proprietary CMS (content management system) for your Formever database and application which is not subject to standard security holes.

Formever’s billing system is PCI-compliant, and none of your credit card information is stored by Formever.

Strong security always starts at the source, so please use strong passwords, and keep them secure at all times. Keep your machines secure, scan for spyware regularly, and keep your operating system software up to date.

If you desire or require two-factor authentication security, Formever offers USB security keys, using Yubikey technology, as an option with its Cloud Service (please see our Pricing Schedule for details). This is a physical key you carry with you or store in a secure location. Please keep it secure at all times, because if you enable this option it is as integral to your security as your password.

Formever has two built-in security settings for you to chose from:

Security Level A: USB security keys are optional for everyone, including the Executive Director.
Security Level B: Everyone is required to have a USB security key, and the Executive Director is required to have two keys (one key should be kept in reserve, in a secure location, to minimize disruption if the first key is lost).