What is Formever?

What is Formever®?

Formever is different.

Formever is a way for you to solve your business problems.

Formever is the freedom and simplicity of a blank sheet of paper with the speed and memory of a computer.

Formever is a design environment for the creation of custom ERP systems. It allows you have a custom system, quickly, simply, and affordably, which will pull in your data, process it according to the way you do business, and turn it into multiple, meaningful reports.

Formever makes quick, simple, affordable customization possible by removing the need for programming. Think about the spreadsheet program you use every day. You use that to make your spreadsheets just the way you need them, with the formatting and formulas you require, and you never have to touch the program code or bring in outside programmers to customize the code for you. That’s how simple it should be to have your own business system built. We can build a system for you, on a try-before-you-buy basis, so you can have proof that it works for you before you pay. Simply give us an hour to sit down with you so you can tell us what your business needs, and we can get right down to building you a working sample.

Regardless of what kind of organization you are, you have “paperwork” (even if it’s word processor documents or spreadsheets) that create a lot of busy work for yourself and your staff. Eliminate that busy work, and free yourself and your staff to focus on more important strategic decisions that add value.

We’ve helped a time billing, professional services company reduce their administrative time by 90%. We’ve made an integrated system for a wholesaler/light manufacturer that tracks their POs, Sales Orders, production, inventory and invoicing that gave them insight into their operations that they never had before. Whether you’re dealing with time sheets, expense forms, client contact logs, equipment requisitions, purchase orders, change orders, or any number of other forms, you can automate those processes to become more productive, and have more time for the things that have value for you (including vacation, or time with your family).

No longer are you just a “user.” Now you, and all your employees are “directors” of the system.

Less error, less confusion, less frustration.

More reliability, more insight, more productivity.

No more black box systems that only IT engineers really understand. Instead, clear and simple business systems that CEOs, CFOs, line managers and front-line employees can understand and control, and accountants can truly verify.

Not only is Formever simpler to use, it’s much cheaper than traditional financial and resource planning systems. The application itself is free. There is an optional cloud-based service available for a low monthly cost that gives you support, back-ups, updates, security, and multi-user access. In these tight times you need the power to reduce IT expenses, free up capital, and increase productivity.

Formever gives you the power, and puts you firmly in control of your own business. Make your business easier to manage using Formever, starting today.